How Long Does It Take To Receive My CSCS Card?

To make a prospective career in the construction industry, you need to prove that you have the required qualification and training and make sure that you apply for the right card. When you have the CSCS card, it means you are a certified professional. But before you apply for your CSCS card, it is of utmost importance that you must check CSCS card cost online that is as for how much you need to pay for getting the card.

You need to check the card types on the website of CSCS to find out which card you need. After you are done with selecting your training level and occupation on the website, you will be notified which card you need. The next step involves you to appear for Health, Safety and Environment Test. The test duration is 45 minutes and you need to answer multiple choice questions. The test comprises of 50 MCQ’s that includes knowledge questions and case studies. It is an online test conducted in test centres spread across the UK. Make sure that you appear in the test centre 15mins before the test begins.

Open Hosts of Opportunities

To join the construction industry, the contractors make sure that the workers have the proper CSCS card with them. The card is proof that you are competent enough to carry out the job with precision. When you have the CSCS card after passing CITB CSCS Test, it will indeed open up hosts of opportunities for you.

To get the card at your doorstep, there is a certain amount you need to pay as CSCS card cost. Once you pay the money, the card will be posted to your address on the immediate working day. You do not have to wait for a long-period to get the card. The tenure of CSCS cards barring few is for five years; as you receive the card, you will get to see the expiry date on the card.

For your knowledge, the card that you have requested will reach the destination within 20 days from the requested date. If you do not receive the card within 5 weeks from the date of application, make sure that get in touch with the CSCS at the earliest.

The Process of Card Renewal

You get the CSCS card only after you pass with flying colours the CITB CSCS Card Test. For card renewal you need to reappear for the Health, Safety and Environment Test; it is proof that you have proper training as well as qualification for the job that you are doing.

The form needs to be downloaded from the website of CSCS and complete the application procedure. Another thing that you can do is call the CSCS contact centre for providing details of your previous and current employer. It is highly recommended that you must renew your card before 6 months expiry of your current card. If you fail to renew your card within the given period, then you will certainly not get hired by prominent employers in the construction industry.